Even Apple Car Questions? Because This Could Launch in 2020, According to Bloomberg

Much has been the information and analysis that envelop the rumor that Apple is developing an electric car, information that we have unveiled almost a week ago under the name of Project Titan and that has been a bomb inside the world of technology and the engine.

But this, far from finished just it is starting, since now sources close to Bloomberg, say that this car is real and aims its production and output to the market during the year 2020.

Project Titan, rather than a simple rumor

First mentioned WSJ that it is a car, then Reuters saying that even some developments of batteries and now Bloomberg giving date of marketing, as we see is not a small thing and Apple brings something truly big hands, and it is that they are already several media, and of this caliber, which have obtained information from the so-called ‘Project Titan’ of Apple.

Automotive companies commonly take between five and seven years to develop a new vehicle, but they have the tools and experience to do this, the case of Apple is different, that although it is in the average for this development, we are talking about a company that is not dedicated to this field, so if we are demanding five years could stay short.

On the other hand Apple does not completely blind to this project, as we saw today, where Miguel López presented us an important collection from all the experts in the automotive world that have joined the ranks of Cupertino intending to start this important project, even Eduardo already brought us a full and interesting analysis where dealt with both theories of Apple Car, is it real or not?.

The reality is that if Apple decides to produce his car for 2020 would three years ago of Tesla and General Motors, those who have mentioned that your next project of electric cars would be ready for 2017, cars that would total 40 thousand dollars and would be able to offer little more than 320 km of autonomy with a single charge. But here we follow the philosophy of Apple, it is not arriving on time, but do it in the best possible way.

So when all this is real, Apple would still have long way to go, where we don’t say that it is impossible, on the contrary, we can be a great project that revolutionize the automobile as we know it today, something that has already happened with smartphones at the time.

Of course keep on the lookout for any information that will arise with respect to Project Titan, because This is just the beginning.