Executives from Apple, Ambitious with Music Streaming in a Pre-Grammys Gala

Billboard today has an interesting piece that leads to a prior to the Grammy Music Awards Gala, where several senior executives of Apple occupied a table for dinner and exchanged words with several key members of the music industry. And Yes, among them was Tim Cook.

Imagine the situation: Cook, Eddy Cue, Vice President of iTunes Robert Kondrk and Jimmy Iovine put dinner on the table 108 together Gala to Al Gore and American politics Nancy Pelosi. Quickly many executives of record labels see them and, literally, are queuing to be able to chat with them. But not before signing a confidentiality agreement, clear.

Some of the things that came out in the talks more or less knew, in part due to leaks that Mark Gurman attained from 9to5Mac: priced at $ 7.99 per month to forgetting the freemium shuffles, you want to adopt the appearance of Beats Music to something more appropriate to Apple, and they want to take advantage of these 800 million credit cards that it contained in Apple user accounts to catapult an “iTunes Streaming” to success.

“We don’t want to compete with Spotify, we want to be the music industry”

But there are details of those discussions that may be of interest to us. Apparently, there was talk of how Apple does not want to simply compete against Spotify but that also wants to “be” the music industry if same. I mean, become absolute leaders defeating every opponent long.

A ‘cleaning’ of the catalogue It was also heard in that table, and would be grateful. Delete all the original songs cover or minimum failing to highlight those substitutes to prioritize the original songs. It is barajaría also highlight songs selected by a group of editors on iTunes and show on cover directly the best-selling, looking to get more traffic. That, for independent artists, can be a good drubbing unless they are well taken into account Beats recommendations engine.

However, we could see a launch of Apple streaming music service in the middle of this year. It will compete with services that can be invoked from the iPhone, so the fight will be long and hard.