Exercise to Fine-Tune the Waist

A great exercise to fine-tune the waist and fight that fat side, scientifically called the flanks, it is the board side, a variation of abdominal exercise oblique.

This type of exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles because they are very requested in order to maintain good posture during exercise and does not damage the column or the muscles of the perineum, such as the abdominal traditional.

Exercise to Fine-Tune the Waist 1

However, to fine-tune the waist is important to combat the localized fat and for this reason we should raise the heart rate by performing some kind of aerobic exercise for 15 minutes, such as running or cycling, and have a diet with a low content of fat and sugar.

The 1st phase of the exercise

To make the exercise to fine-tune the waist, lie on the floor face down and support your elbows on the floor, let the two legs stretched out, one above the other, and lift the entire trunk from the ground, holding the body weight with only your arms and feet, as shown in the image more to the left, and stay in this position for 20 seconds and then rest. Do this exercise 2 times per day.

Exercise to Fine-Tune the Waist 2

The 2nd phase of the exercise

Phase 2 of this exercise is to stand still for 20 seconds as shown in the middle image.

The 3rd phase of the exercise

In phase 3, to further complicate this exercise, you should remain immobile in the position that shows the last image, for at least 20 seconds.

When you are getting easy to remain stationary in these positions, we should increase the time duration of the exercise.

Exercise to Fine-Tune the Waist 3

This isometric exercise strengthens the muscles and helps to set, but does not burn many calories, and, therefore, in the case of localized fat, it is important to follow a diet and do cardio exercises, at home or in the gym, under the guidance of a physical education teacher.