Exercises for After Cesaria

Exercises for After Cesaria

The exercises after the section serve to strengthen the abdomen and to combat the sagging of the belly. They can be started approximately 6 weeks after the birth of cesaria since the doctor has released the practice exercises and the healing is good.

Exercises for After Cesaria

Exercises after childbirth should be started slowly and gradually and there are some gyms that allow the classroom to be accompanied by baby.

Step-by-step exercises to do at home after the cesarean section

After the permission the doctor to start the physical activity, check out here some exercises postpartum cesária that you can do at home:

Exercise 1

Watch the video to learn how to do:

Exercise 2

Lying belly up with the legs and arms straight, bend the knees and lift the hips from the floor, keeping your hands on the ground, for 15 seconds.

Exercise 3

Lying on side with legs straight and without pillow, to raise the higher they get one of the legs, without bending the knee for 5 seconds, lowering slowly. Do the exercise for the other leg.

Exercise 4

Lying belly up with legs and arms outstretched and without a pillow, to raise the higher they get the two legs together, without bending the knees for 5 seconds, lowering slowly.

Exercise 5

Lying belly up, without a pillow, with legs bent and arms straight, raise the trunk as high as you can, looking up, for 5 seconds, lowering slowly.

Exercise 6

Supported with the elbows and the knees on the floor and your back straight, contract the belly, during 10 seconds. This time should be increased each week until you reach 1 minute. For example, in the first week to 5 seconds, in the second week, 10 seconds, in the third week, 20 seconds and so on.

You can do 3 sets of 20 repetitions for each exercise about 2 to 3 times per week. However, it is important not to do exercises which are too heavy to stay more than 1 hour in the gym and spend no more than 400 calories because it can decrease milk production.

These exercises post childbirth can be accompanied walks, stretching exercises of the arms and legs, running, bodybuilding, Pilates, yoga or gymnastics located because they promote caloric expenditure, improve blood circulation and help with weight loss.

The exercises in the water such as swimming and water aerobics should only be started after the release of the obstetrician, by the age of 30 to 45 days after delivery, because that is when the cervix is already properly closed, avoiding the risk of infections.