Exercises to Thicken the Legs

The exercises for strengthening or hypertrophy of the lower limbs should be carried out respecting the limitations of the own body and, preferably, under the guidance of a physical education professional to prevent the occurrence of injuries. To achieve hypertrophy, it is necessary that the exercises be done very intense, with progressive increase of load and following a proper diet for the goal. See how it happens and how to make a workout for hypertrophy.

In addition to strengthening and hypertrophy, the exercises for the lower limbs ensure good results in respect of the reduction of sagging and cellulite, in addition to improving the body balance due to the better stabilization of the knee and the ankle, for example.

It is important that the exercises be established by a professional of physical education in accordance with the purpose and limitations of the person. In addition, to achieve the desired goal, it is important that the person follow a proper diet that should be recommended by a nutritionist. See how to do diet to gain muscle mass.

Exercises for buttocks and back of thigh

1. Squat

The squat can be done with your own body weight or with the bar, and should be done in the gym under the guidance of a professional to avoid possible injury. You should position the bar in the back, hold the bar by placing your elbows facing forward and keep the heels fixed on the floor. Then, one should perform the squat movement according to the orientation of the professional and in maximum amplitude so that the muscles are worked to the maximum.

The squat is an exercise very complete, because in addition to working the glutes and the muscle on the back of the thigh, also works the quads which is the muscle on the front of the thigh, abdomen and back. Know 6 squat exercises for the glutes.

Exercises to Thicken the Legs 1

2. Sink

The first few nights, also called pernada, it is a great exercise to exercise not only the gluteus, but also the quadriceps. This exercise can be done with your own body weight, with a bar on the back or holding a dumbbell, and consists in giving a step forward and bend the knee until the thigh of the leg which progressed to become parallel to the floor, but without the knee to extend beyond the line of the foot, and repeat the motion in accordance with the recommendation of the professional.

After you complete the reps with a leg, you must do the same movement with the other leg.

3. Stiff

Stiff is an exercise that works the muscles higher in the leg and the buttocks and can be done by holding the bar or dumbbells. The movement of the stiff descent of the load by keeping the spine aligned and legs straight or slightly bent. The execution speed of the movement and the amount of repetitions should be determined by the professional according to the purpose of the person.

4. Deadlift

This exercise corresponds to the opposite of stiff: rather than down the load, the deadlift consists of lifting the load, promoting the work of the posterior musculature of the leg and glutes. To do this exercise, the person must place their feet on the width of your hips and squat down to grab the bar, keeping the spine aligned. Then perform the upward movement until the legs are straight, avoiding playing the column to the rear.

5. Chair flexora

This equipment can be used to assist in the strengthening and hypertrophy of the muscles posterior thigh. For this reason, the person must sit in the chair, adjusting the seat so that your spine is leaning on the bank, to support the ankles on the roller support and perform movements of flexion of the knee.

Exercises to Thicken the Legs 2

Exercises for the front part of the thigh

1. Leg press

As well as the squat, the leg press is an exercise very complete, allowing not only the work of the muscles of the front of the thigh, but also from the back and the buttocks. The more muscle working during the leg press depends on the angle at which the movement is performed and the position of the feet.

To have more emphasis on the quadriceps, the feet should be positioned in the lower part of the platform. It is important that the backs are fully supported by the bank, to avoid injury, and perform the movement of pushing and to allow the descent of the platform until the maximum amplitude, with the exception of people who have changes of posture or problems osteoarticular.

2. Extensor bench

This equipment allows to work in isolation from the quadriceps, and the person to adjust the backrest of the chair so that the knee does not exceed the line of the feet and the person is completely seated in the chair during the course of the movement.

The feet should be positioned below the roller support and the person must make a movement to rise this roller until the leg is fully extended, and should perform this motion according to the recommendation of the physical education professional.

Exercises to Thicken the Legs 3