Farewell to Another Legendary Icon of The Apple Store? The Atom of The Genius Bar Is Going of Some Shops

We continue to see how, little by little, Angela Ahrentds at the Apple Store changes manifest themselves face customer also among employees. Recently from ifoAppleStore have realized how the Genius Bar logo (the symbol of the Atom), begins to fade tents.

In Spain We recognize it on the walls of metallic appearance He appeared with the first Spanish shops, along with a few screens that will give advice to all customers who expect to be served by the geniuses. They are still there, and we can see them in the majority of official photographs of some locals as the Xanadu. In shops more iconic, as that of Passeig de Gràcia, imitated the same design but in another type of wall.

And what is getting in your absence? What you can see right up: white panels illuminated in which there is no longer any logo or screen but there is pictures of a very similar way to which we can see in banners more news of the Apple Store.

Genius Bar changing to a new era of the division Retail

It must be said that in the newest stores, the Genius Bar that we all know “it fades” merging with the rest of the store. Let’s look at the Apple Store in Puerta del Sol, for example: the traditional bar has disappeared to make way for a set of tables that geniuses are helping customers when comes the time of appointments. There is no division, everyone can go everywhere.

They are three things that I see that they change in Apple Retail. Subtle, but denoting that you something is going: the departure of Bob Bridger, the mini-tiendas and now this change at the Genius Bar. Not counting already all the preparations there before the arrival of the Apple Watch and all that remains to be seen. These are changing times to bite Apple stores.