Festivals, Holidays and Public Holidays Would What Me Pongo to Exit a La Calle?

That summer is just around the corner here is something that everyone can guess just keep an eye on thermometers across Spain. And not only brings the heat, but it also begin to approach music festivals, the patron and the neighborhoods of all Spain holidays (especially in Madrid this weekend) and of course many celebrations improvised along day and night.

Therefore we have taken the looks of our favorite street-stylers hand and we made a compendium of what we believe to be good ideas for those who are scarce resources on how you make your closet in those days ready for a good dose of inspiration pre-estival?

The prints they are without doubt one of our allies. They not only get the attention of the set but with them We can structure a whole look without having to recharge it.

Upturned long sleeve or short sleeve shirts, with prints in the form of cars, boats for the more navy or floral prints. Versace, Prada or Gucci they have opted for them this season, it is only a matter of time before entering your wardrobe.

The Denim follows the foot of the Canyon. Shirts Denim, open together clear colors with t-shirts fund basic baking and some shorts with returned low either in Denim for a total look Denim, or with plain in pastel tones or geometric prints styles, are a highly recommended choice for discrete and simple looks.

The key lies in the simplicity When it comes to putting together and that in all time values the comfort and freshness in datasets.

T-shirts in eye-catching prints, which bear the Assembly, with a few decorative jeans, shorts, or Chinese and proper shoes that combine.

Of course, give add-ins the importance they deserve: sunglasses, watches, hats, borsalinos … all of them, as I have explained many times, represent the difference between a current look and a look that personal branding is palpable and visible.