Google Could Be Ready Early Versions of Android 3.0 Gingerbread

Something completely logical is to think that this image can be any type of photographic trick in order to raise all kinds of suspicions over Google’s platform. Perhaps a ploy so that the hordes of game fans of Mountain View mobile platform can sharpen their claws before the expectation of any new concerning the future release of the operating system.

So much so, that the original author of the article thought it was much before removing the image in which a Nexus One, hidden in a somewhat peculiar way, it is shown to the camera with the information screen of the system in which we can appreciate that it runs Android 3.0. Possibly a source of joy for the current owners of the terminal of Google who know in advance with future platform compatibility.

The name of Gingerbread is anyone unknown already. However, what if is kept as a State secret is when exactly that the thinking minds at Googleplex they decide to bring it to light.

Could simply be that the Android development team has begun to test versions of Gingerbread and one of the testers would have been brave enough to send this image to the network with what this means. It could also be that they were a mere fake ruining the hopes of many users. But at the pace going some updates & #8230;