Google Maps for iOS Now Lets You Tailor Your Route Planning

The search giant has updated iOS users, with the possibility of further alignment of route planning with public transport.

Since Apple with iOS 6 chose to drop the Google Maps in favor of their own “Card” solution, echoed that outrage the world over, and techgiganten will well deserved criticism over their alternative, which was filled with errors.

Since then, the search giant launched the “Google Maps” as a separate app for iOS, and the user many of you probably have already, since it also cooperates with the data from the itinerary. Google has also just updated iOS users with version 2.7.0, which can be downloaded in the App Store. It writes iDownload Blog.

The update is interesting for the iOS users that use Google Maps for route planning of public traffic. There are, in fact, come additional opportunities for “Route options”, so you can choose whether you want it to be URf.eks: Best route, Fewer or Less by foot switch directly from the app.

According to iDownload Blog, so the update also brings integration of data from the Waze, which Google bought in the past, for Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The app uses the Mobile page’s iOS readers when the route with public transport must be planned?