Google’s Project Ara Phones Should Cost as Little as 50 Dollars

Google already thinking on price and distribution of Project Ara-the phones. Three development conferences scheduled.

Google seems to have full power on boilers when it regards the Project Ara as they took over from Motorola. The project is going, as you know, to make a phone built up from modules that can be replaced at will, such as camera, memory or processor.

There is still a long time to a real product, but Google already thinking over how much it should cost, in an interview with Time tells you that they imagine a starting price of 50 dollars, that is to say, in the region of 270 kroner. For that money you get a display, a frame, and a WiFi module, and then you can buy the parts you find interesting.

It is of course a very early bud, and the 50 dollars can quickly turn into 100 or more eventually, but nevertheless it is great to see that they are so relatively far in development to be overpriced and distribution.

Three Project Ara development conferences organized

Google has planned three development conferences with the first date mark on 15 and 16 april. The aim is to give all interested parties access to the information which may be as early in the process and give them the tools they need to move forward with the idea of how Project Ara should be implemented.

It is not a typical Conference, held online and will include webcasts as well as interactive Q & A sessions.Individual developers will be invited to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View to experience it on your own.

Google also holds an i/o Conference on 25 and 26 June, about these new planned conferences have influence on how much that will be talked about Project Ara by I/O is not known, but we hope of course that Google shares details about the project at every opportunity.