Gotland Travel Guide

Gotland is a Swedish archipelago idyll. Gotland is Sweden’s fabulous holiday island for tourists of all ages. With beautiful beaches, historic buildings and a wide range of activities, Gotland is a piece of Nordic idyll at its best.


A popular summer destination

Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, located in the middle of the Baltic Sea, about 90 kilometers from the mainland. The island of about 60,000 inhabitants is considered the sunniest place in all of Sweden. Gotland’s nearly 800-kilometer coastline is one of Sweden’s most popular summer destinations with its sandy beaches, historic ruins and varied activities.

Peaceful Gotland

Visby, the only city on Gotland, becomes a lively and international destination in the summer, where you can shop and enjoy the nightlife in addition to outdoor activities. The small and idyllic villages of the island, in turn, offer local hospitality and stunning scenery.

The archipelago holiday is suitable for children and adults

Peaceful Gotland also has a huge amount of entertainment for the whole family in the summer, from water parks to various theme parks. It is no wonder, then, that the island has earned its place as a favorite destination for families with children.

For the more mature, Gotland offers a wide range of cultural tours from theater performances to art museums and open-air concerts. Indeed, many artists, writers and designers have enjoyed inspiration on the island. Gotland’s interesting history, on the other hand, can be most explored with a guided walking tour.

Delicacies and hobbies

Gotland’s diverse food culture is a luxury for the gourmet: a holidaymaker interested in food should schedule their trip to the PrimörPremier festivals during the early harvest. One of Visby’s local specialties is the saffron pancake, which is served with fresh berries and whipped cream. Tourists interested in wines, on the other hand, are delighted to hear that Sweden is home to Sweden’s northernmost winery.

Delicacies can be digested with a variety of activities – Gotland is a paradise for the active holidaymaker. The island offers cycling, horse riding, fishing and a variety of water sports. Gotland is also suitable as a golf destination, as there are several well-kept courses on the island.



By plane or ship to the archipelago

Flybe and FlyGotland fly from Helsinki to Visby during the summer season from June to August. The flight takes about an hour and a half. You can also travel to Gotland by sea – both Silja Line and Viking Line sell transit tickets to the island.

Versatile accommodation options

Gotland has accommodation options to suit every budget. Luxury and Family Hotels offer accommodation side by side with hostels and farm tourism. On Gotland, rental cottages and campsites are also popular places to stay, especially for families with children, as hotel prices are quite expensive during the most popular holiday season.

By car or bicycle around the island

For holidaymakers on Gotland, renting a car is the most convenient way to go, but also, for example, cycling is a popular pastime on the island. Mopeds and motorcycles can also be found in rental shops. The bravest vacationers pull their sneakers to their feet and hike from village to village.



Historic Visby

Visitors to Gotland are guaranteed not to miss Visby, the only city on the island and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is known for its idyllic rose-covered houses, high-class restaurants and historic atmosphere. When visiting the cobbled streets of Visby, you should visit the medieval churches of the city, the most famous of which is probably St. Mary’s Church.

The handsome limestone pillars of Gotland

Interesting features of the Gotland coast include the rugged limestone pillars or raucas. These natural wonders can be admired, for example, in Sudret or Fårö, the home island of the late film director Ingmar Bergman.

Gotska Sandön National Park

Located next to Gotland on its own small island, Gotska Sandön National Park is a beach holidaymaker’s dream with its unobstructed sand dunes. This outermost island of Sweden also has dense pine forests and remote coves. The island is also inhabited with local buildings and churches.

Favorite destinations for families with children

One of Gotland’s most famous places to visit for families with children is Peppi Pitkätossu’s house in Huvikumpu Kneippby. In Visby’s Kapitelhusgården, the little ones in the family, on the other hand, can attend a princess and princess school, and in the Viking village of Tofta, the little ferocious heads get to spend the afternoon as a Viking.



The best experiences on Gotland

  1. Enjoy the international atmosphere of Visby and dine in the restaurants.
  2. Spend a peaceful beach holiday and explore the idyllic hamlets of Gotland.
  3. See Gotland’s historic churches and coastal limestone pillars.
  4. Try Gotland’s varied activities from golf to horse riding.
  5. Absolute places to visit for families with children include Peppi Pitkätossu House.

Disadvantages of Gotland

  1. There is no year-round flight connection to Gotland.
  2. Winter on Gotland is chilly and rainy.
  3. The price level on the island is slightly higher than on the Swedish mainland.