Great Bridal Makeup Tips from Alexandra Condopoulos – Part 2

Today we present you the 2nd part of the makeup tips for a perfect bridal styling by Alexandra Condopoulos before. We were able to convince us several times by her talent and happy that Alexandra has designed this post for us.

Naturally beautiful in the autumn

The big day is within easy reach… whether in a month, or next year-you wish just a perfect day!

Aside from the perfect dress, the perfect location, the perfect food and the perfect band (wow, the requirements are pretty high) also the face of the bride in focus and stands for itself, it should be easy-how can it be otherwise-be perfect.

General goes towards the topic of bridal makeup in the very natural direction-but honestly, who speaks like the “general public” and when it comes to the most important day in the life one should fit themselves?
For your personal make-up artist/stylist suits you competently and advice in all matters relating to the page.

But what if the decision in the direction, to get a professional to his side? What to do and most importantly how?

Apart from the material and tool-so make up and brushes-which harmoniously adapted and applied which arises on the skin “I have the question on this day at all the peace and quiet and the Muse in my excitement to style myself?”.
If you continue to answer ‘Yes’, I offer here a quick coaching in terms of “beautiful natural bride ‘-Make-Up!

At this point a thank you to the gorgeous Sonja, which is exclusively made for this special available!

Step 1-perfect base

A perfect primer is the absolute basis for a radiant look.

For this you will need:
•Any concealer

Principle: the material should correspond to your natural skin tone!

Foundation has the task to make the skin. You yourself decide whether she should be very tender, or is it also something “opaque”, since unsightly pigmentation problems or red veins usually disturbing.

Concealer there is in liquid and creamy form.
These are only used, if needed more coverage on the Foundation, blemishes etc., eye shadow or annoying scars,

The powder acts as a finish of a first coat.
At its best, the result if you”the material with a powder brush to the skin”, is so take material with the brush and work down point for point.
This is conducive to a long shelf life-the right choice for a lavish wedding celebration!

Step 2-a touch of liveliness

This is a tender Rouge.
Suitable for the current autumn colours in nature, I Sonja have applied a beautiful brownish apricot on the cheekbones.

The face shape is crucial for the correct application of Rouge.
If you want to-do it yourself really right for you please you inquires with the professional of your trust.

Step 3-the eyes

Who has properly primed the eyelid, needs no eye mostly base-who wants to go to play it safe, carries on this first of all, so that by no means contrasting color of eye shadow in the crease of the eye.

When the natural look of Sonja, I decided for a delicate shimmering and fruity salmon-pink eyeshadow.
This is applied over the entire movable lid.

Afterwards, a shadow was used with a smoky Brown in the crease.Starting with little material work, if you want to have it more, you can slowly build it up and intensify.

As you can see on the photo, the point directly under the eyebrow is still “free”.
Here, I have worn on a matte white, which was applied in soft.
If it suits you, you can do that also with a very delicate shiny highlighter-please make up to ensure in a day really that it is only delicately applied.

Sonja is very natural, yet places value on an extravagant touch.
Thus the decision on a brown eye liner, fell for me finely drawn along the eyelash rim, to bring out the contrast of the eyes.

Now comes the little “extra”: a strong yellow gold eyeshadow was wet touched and used with an Eyeliner Brush directly above the Brown Kajals.
Delicate line-noble effect.

Then black mascara (waterproof at brides preferred) properly applied and the last finishing touches the brow still gets in the eye area:
So it looks very natural, I use a flat angle brush and in Sonja’s case a brownish color of eye shadow.

Step 4-a mouth for kissing

To draw perfect lips takes practice, thus some patience – I don’t have the bright red lipstick!

Sonja has a top clean lip skin and this is absolutely necessary for a perfect result.
Reveals your mirror image thing-time to care!

At unequal lip shapes, you can apply a liquid concealer along the natural lip contour, work the concealer in the lips with a cotton swab.Result: the natural contour is as “etched away” and you can now drag a uniform contour.

I have drawn the outline of Sonya’s lips with a fresh features pencil as primed with the same PIN as the entire lip.

And applied to the final with a beautiful gloss in apricot including shine particles on the lip.
Is generally also handy for the bride, as a gloss need not the same art such as a lipstick when applied.

Et Voilá-ready is the work of art.

Enjoy the photos of the enchanting Sonja on this wonderful autumn day and tried it’s just myself!
If you want to deepen your knowledge and your result to be perfect, you are cordially invited to learn this at a workshop with me.

You can look forward to the next episode, because as you can see, how you transform this makeup for the wedding reception into a party capable.