GT Plant Advanced Receives a Strong Investment by Apple

Remember the tragic history of the GT Advanced Tecnologies plant? Yes, where is supposed to occur the Sapphire for the new iPhone, and in the end, after many problems and debts, the plant had to be closed.

So now announces that Apple will be His largest investment within the United States, since they will invest 2 billion dollars to recover the plant located in Arizona and turning it into a global command center, where much of the world’s information networks and the company’s data will be handled.

A plant with renewable energy

During the construction referred to employ about 300 workers and more 150 full time to help with the installation of equipment to convert this plant in the first to use 100% renewable energy, cover entirely by solar panels and systems of ventilation and recycling that take advantage of the characteristics of a State like Arizona.

The investment covers a period of 30 years, but the Governor of Arizona is confident that it will be a success and that period may be extended. On the other hand, once the plant starts operations referred to hire fence of 600 people for the engineering and construction area, as more than a plant with solar farm structure is expected to be an example of how to use this type of technology without affecting the environment.

With this Apple become one of the few companies in the United States which has with more than one million workers.