Happy Mobile Improves Their Smartplan and Adds Benefits to Prepaid Customers

Happy Mobile continues to talk about and after improving the new offerings from Telstra and Pepephone, this time focusing on the one hand in improve your rates to speak and surf In addition to providing contract new options of prepaid customers.

The Smartplan 19 and 29 suffer an improvement without compromising their price is altered. While the first climbing the amount of Minutes calls included the second increases the included traffic. The new conditions are as follows:

  • Smartplan 19: 300 minutes on national calls of Monday to Friday from 18 to 8 pm and weekends 24 hours In addition to 700 mb at maximum speed by 19 euros per month. If overcome included traffic is paid three cents by mega.
  • Smartplan 29: 300 minutes National calls in the 24 hours y 700 mb maximum browsing speed by 29 euros per month. If the included traffic speed is reduced to 64 kbps down to 2 Gb, moment in which the connection broken.

In both cases the SMS national costs nine cents and If the minutes are exceeded included or called after-hours calls are paid to eight cents per minute more call € 0.15.

The Smartplan 19 and only 29 Phone House can be hired in stores and allow access to the grant of terminals in Exchange for one stay of 18 months. Smartphones prices depend on the origin and the destination fee as shown in the following table:

New calls credits and free Internet on prepaid

Unique innovations would not only be for contract customers. This is why Happy Mobile launches new bonus calls, both for national and international destinations and gives Internet in Exchange for top-ups.

Happy Mobile launches two bonds of minutes, available from the 8th, including fixed and mobile Spain and 40 countries calls without any cost. The bonus weekly Includes 60 minutes by five euros and the monthly 300 minutes for 15 euros. For activation has to call the 2981 and choose the desired bonus which is not renewed automatically after completion.

The last advantage is the possibility of receiving megs to changes in charges. Each charge of 20 euro or more will provide the customer 500 mb of free navigation enjoy in 30 days. The megas are cumulative and if you consume them moves on to pay depending on the daily rate.