Happy Mobile Launches New Rates for Talk and Surf

After a long time without realizing that talk Happy Mobile, the Phone House with cover Orange MVNO, launched last month a new fare to speak and surf and it seems that the pace for not since we know today other three new rates.

On this occasion Happy Mobile launches a new Smartplan, including minutes and megabytes and a new mode called “ speak and surf & #8221; which includes a bonus of data and calls with payment per minute at a very reduced price.

  • Smartplan 12: 100 minutes in calls from Monday to Friday from 6 pm to 8 am and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays and 700 mb per 12 euros per month. Calls outside overmatched or schedule included minutes are paid eight cents per minute with call set-up 15 cents and if exceeded data including paid to 0.03 EUR/Mb.
  • Talk and surf 250: calls to three cents per minute with 15 cents of call set-up and 250 mb (excess to 0.03 EUR/Mb) by 4.5 euros per month.
  • Talk and browse 700: calls to three cents per minute with 15 cents of call set-up and 700 mb (excess to 0.03 EUR/Mb) 6.9 euros per month.

With these new rates mobile Happy Enter to compete squarely in the field of the rates offered a price per minute reduced in Exchange for the hiring of a bonus of data, especially with the speak and surf 700, taking this better than the rate Simyo 3 cents.

The question now is compulsory?This will be the start of a new battle from MVNOs to offer the best rate?