Highlights Of The Photokina: The Cameras Are Smarter

The Photokina is the most important fair for photography on the world and cannot deny the trend towards the mobile lifestyle and smart devices. On the contrary, this year there is in Cologne to see some cool new gadgets. We have done the tour and brought you the highlights.

Smart Panasonic Lumix Camera CM1: Photo Smartphone With Android

Panasonic the Lumix CM1 called communication camera, this one could call it also as the Smartphone with the nominally best camera. Her 20-megapixel MOS image sensor is an inches tall and thus even greater as the chip in the Lumia 1020. It is suitable even for 4K-Videoaufnahmen and photos in RAW format. The Leica lens with a fixed focal length of 28 mm has a luminous intensity of f2, 8. Via a slider, you toggle between camera and Smartphone.

Among the important Smartphone fundamentals he clocked with 2.3 GHz quad-core processor from Qualcomm, the 4.7-inch display with full HD resolution and a 16 gigabyte large internal memory. You can extend this to up to 128 gigabytes with a microSD card. As the operating system Android is used 4.4 Kit Kat. Also, LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth dominates the CM1.

The Lumix CM1 to appear in November in limited quantity for the time being. The MSRP is proud 899 euros. There remains hope that Panasonic project is successful and we get a cheaper successor next year.

Polaroid Socialmatic: Sofortbilder With The Instagram Logo

If one takes it very well, the Socialmatic camera from Polaroid is nothing new, but it is finally a reality and to come to Germany. Dissolve the instant camera with 14 Megapixels, and you can print them directly from the zinc process that does not require additional Ink, – or in usual social networks share via Wi-Fi. Can be operated with the 4.5-inch touchscreen and Android software is installed.

Should the Socialmatic in winter should be available for 299 euros in Germany. The ZINK photo paper costs 14.99 euros in the 30-Pack, and there are 50 units for 19.99 Euro.

Fujifilm Swing Cam: Mini Camera With App Control

Fujifilm shows a concept that swing cam is named at Photokina. This is a small camera that is in one place and control can remotely by a Smartphone and tablet. Here you can rotate 360 degrees and swivel 180 degrees. In the demo video it serves among other things to record movies of (House) animals from the low-angle shot unobtrusively. She can be also attached to poles and other objects.

Whether the swing cam ever comes on the market, no one could say at Fujifilm. It would berreichern but in any case the Internet with many new cat videos.

Olympus Open Platform: Camera Boxes For Smartphone And Tablet

Olympus has together with researchers of the with the open platform community the question employed, as the image quality can be improved by Smartphones and tablets. Their solution: A little box with image sensor, when you join interchangeable lenses and which is available via Wi-Fi with the app on your mobile device in connection. The idea reminds a little of the plug-in cameras QX10 and QX100 by Sony.

Nikon Coolpix S6900: Selfie Camera With Built-In Stand

Nikon wants to encourage you to more Selfies. To do this, the Coolpix S6900 has not only a moving three-inch screen, but a fold-out foot. With this, it prepares the camera upright and needs no hand to make a Selfie.

Practical: With a hand gesture, you can activate the self timer from a distance. The images can reach up to 16 mega pixels and with the speaker zoom lens, you can determine the optimal image section. The Coolpix S6900 for 249 euros in Germany to be available from mid-October.