Houston, Texas

Guide to Houston: how to get there and where to stay, what to see and where to go in the evening. The best things to do in Houston: fresh reviews and photos, places to see, branded entertainment and shopping.

According to toppharmacyschools, Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and is the capital of Harris County in southeast Texas. It is a major economic and business center of the country, also famous for its cultural life. After the famous Broadway in New York, here is the largest theater district in the United States, which includes the Opera House, Symphony Hall and others.

How to get to Houston

Singapore Airlines flies from Moscow to Houston several times a week ( George Bush International Airport is located 32 km north of the center). Flights from Moscow are accepted by terminal D, which serves all international flights. Terminals A, B and C serve domestic destinations and flights to Canada. Terminal E is used by Continental Airlines for international flights as well as some domestic routes. The TerminaLink ground railway operates between the terminals.

I made three friends in Houston when we wanted to get to the Hawaiian Islands on a private jet. I wrote to Daniel, he forwarded the letter to Arturo, and the answer came from Marcela. And it sounded like this: “Take a nine-seater Gulfstrem-300 and after 9 hours swim and sunbathe even in Honolulu, even on Maui, or wherever else there.” You know, first class on a regular flight from Houston costs only one and a half times cheaper, so the advice of three friends from Houston – Daniel, Arturo and Marcela – was very useful to me.

Tatyana Shabarina

Entertainment and attractions in Houston

The hallmark of the city is the district of skyscrapers in Downtown. The most popular of which are: GP Morgan Chase Tower (305 m), Wells Fargo Bank Plaza (302 m) and Williams Tower (275 m).

The city has a theater district, which makes Houston one of the “top five” cities in the United States with permanent professional troupes. There are: Houston Grand Opera House, Houston Ballet, Houston Symphony Orchestra, Elli Fieche Theatre. The Bayu Place entertainment complex with many restaurants, cinemas, squares and parks, as well as the Houston Verizon Wireless Theater and Angelika Film Center are also located here.

Texas is known for its cowboy traditions. Here you can see the Georgie Ranch (1984), and at the Astrodome stadium – a real rodeo.

Museums in Houston

Not only that, Houston boasts a museum district, which is located northwest of Hermann Park. It includes: Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Nature and Natural Science with Cockrell Butterfly Center, Museum of Health and Medicine, Museum of Holocaust, Museum of Modern Art, Children’s Museum, Museum of Photography, Weather Museum, Houston Zoo, and the nearby Menil Museum and Rothko Church – Chapel. For the convenience of visitors, huge parking lots are equipped here, and a small electric train runs around the area itself.

Weather in Houston

The climate here is hot and humid, in winter the temperature drops to +10…+15 °C, in summer it rises to +35 °C. Tropical cyclones and hurricanes are possible on the coast from May to September.

Houston, Texas