HP Won’t Phone Windows Phone 7, and WebOS 2.0 before End of The Year

Yesterday I have been progressing that Palm ready webOS 2.0 would have before the end of the year, and HP has a wide variety of hardware prepared to begin to exploit it (tablets, printers…). The main affected in this story is Windows Phone 7, Since the company announced that do not prepare phones with Microsoft’s operating system.

This way just a relationship that lives from the beginnings of the HP Jornada PDAs, but the arrival of Palm in the ranks of the American firm, and disbursements made by its intellectual property deserve every effort.

No reference was made to possible updates, but it is clear that Palm Pre and Pixi they will be the first devices to enjoy the new version of webOS, which we do not have any details. If talk of a webOS tablet to name PalmPad.

I think that following in the footsteps of Google or Microsoft should start working with prospective developers of the platform, a key piece in this competitive sector. With the support of HP back the chances may improve, who knows if giving away hardware as do its competitors.

It seems that Microsoft will be left without some important friends, or at least friends of others, are made as in the case of Dell, and the approach to the Android world.