Intel Now Becomes against The ARM Chips and Criticizes Its Slowness in Hypothetical Mac

The rumor, or least the hypothesis, leads for several years in the air: and if the Mac of the future make a transition to ARM chips? Intel, company that would suffer from that decision now that Macs today carry their chips, it said recently that relations with Apple would wind aft. But now appear early reviews through your head of finance Stacy Smith, who It says that the ARM chips are too slow to be a Mac:

Extends our leadership in the rest of the industry. We are not behind the industry. In fact, we are ahead of it. […] Someone like Apple would have to go back enough in performance if it leaves our architecture. That is what in essence allows us to earn our clients.

Sure that anyone familiar with today’s Apple has raised it in a conversation: If the company wants to have the absolute control of their processors, why not take the chips used in the iPhone and? place a few in parallel within a Mac?

ARM chips are behind the Intel, but his performance goes up exponentially year after year

Now the performance of something so would be (in principle) worse than Intel chips. But I have no doubt that in the Cupertino labs will be testing non-stop… and just lack that we no longer spend a little more time for the performance of those ARM chips continue to rise exponentially.

It is then when I assume that Apple will have to make a difficult decision, since changing architecture means rewriting all OS X. But well, it did once, so…