IOS4 Vs. Android 2.2 Froyo: Comparative Table, with Which Te Quedas?

It was inevitable, imminent and, of course, logical that the two mobile operating systems of the time were analyzed and publicly compared which fighting cocks in a clandestine pen.

Of course, we are talking about the recent Apple iOS4 and Android 2.2 Froyo in Google. These two systems take months to plague the rumors and news network, but it has been this June when them we have been able to try and know fully.

On the page TaranFX they have bothered to create a complete comparative chart that analyzes the remarkable points of both systems and compares them. To us we liked enough and We have translated it into Spanish for you. Moreover, it is very illustrative at the time of reflect where target sights of operating systems mobile pointers today.

To view the table, and due to its extensive size of 550 × 2000 pixels, I urge to enter in the image gallery and, with a couple of clicks, see it comfortably and at full resolution.

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As you can see, and although we are sure that the table will cause of discrepancies and disputes between the different positions that you have each one as users, both systems they are very evenly matched, because that where one stands out, weakens the other. We must still sign that Google’s system provides a greater number of possibilities, at least in terms of customization, power and connection to the cloud.

We should also highlight the advantage of experience that has Apple with respect to Google, at least in years to their backs SO mobile, so in some technologies like the Multitouch is tremendously superior to Google, and that is indisputable as user (and I say this as a holder of a Nexus One).

Unfortunately, these days are popping up a lot of problems in the recent iPhone 4, which from my point of view, and from the point of view of a correct customer experience, It plays very against Apple, and more with the competition so potent that it has put Google at your heels.

Let us hope that this is resolved soon, it would be a shame that the launch of iPhone 4 (in addition to its existence as a competent terminal) and its iOS 4 is seen that way lacrados so negative face to the end user.

What think you of the theme? Sure that you have many personal details that add to the table.