Is (More) Open Doors: Now Can Use IWork from The Web Even without Having Products of Apple

Potentially important detail that just made Apple: from now on, any user can enter the website of iCloud and use iWork applications (for now in beta) but does not have any products of the company. Until today, was a prerequisite for access to Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

But of course, if you don’t have anything Apple it is highly unlikely that ta have made an account of user of the company, right? Nothing happens: you can enter the web of iCloud and create you an account from here same with which you have 1 GB of space to store and manage documents from iWork. And if someday buy a product log since it, then you’ll spend to have the traditional 5 free GB.

iWork: you follow the path of rivals or die in disuse

This is what prompted all those who want to have one of those accounts to only use iWork on the web:

Being currently in iCloud beta, Apple could simply experimenting with this and then not release it definitely stable Web. But think: we have a free MicrosoftOffice that is revitalizing and monopolizing the downloads of Office Automation in the App Store, and have a Google Drive that is eclipsing the other online solutions at the moment. And all compatible with nearly any mobile platform.

It was a matter of time that have no choice but to open its doors in Cupertino prior to “pigeonhole” iWork closing it to only their platforms and offering it as something “unique” users of Apple products. If the software and the service were the best maybe it would work, but this is not the case. So he plays follow rivals before fall too behind, because the old strategies no longer work.