Jazztel Rebate 20% of The Rates The Families That Have More Than One Mobile Line

The first step of the operators of ADSL and Cable in Spain to become stronger in telecommunications was the possibility of saving by combining multiple services with the same operator and the results of last year indicate that you ran them very well but this year it seems that the trend will also be the offer more benefits the greater family users within a same operator.

To the possibility of hiring rates low cost OMV near the Terminal grant, now Jazztel will save even more the more services are contracted with a same holder or if your friends come to Jazztel.

Okay that usually in Spain, now rates apply a same price to any operator and time but many remain regular contact with a specific number and sure appreciate the additional benefits that may apply if these numbers are in a same operator. Some examples is the new free service among us of a Orange or Vodafone VIP numbers.

To enhance both fronts and that you can benefit from better conditions, Jazztel has launched a promotion to the fee reduction 50% My numbers Jazztel service which will now allow talk by 0 cents per minute (more establishment) with numbers Jazztel in Exchange for a fee of 1.50 euros/month if you have 5 cents rate.

In addition, households with ADSL or fixed already have hired a mobile line, starting from now will get a 20% discount on the fee rate flat to speak or speak and surf forever and without permanency of any kind. The conditions for the Second, third and fourth line under a single holder they are as follows:

  • Flat rate 300 minutes by 15.96 euros.
  • Flat rate 600 minutes for 23.96 EUR.
  • Calls and browse 300 minutes + 500 MB and 128 Kbps by 21.56 euros.
  • Calls and browse 600 minutes + 500 MB and 128 Kbps by 29.56 euros.
  • Calls and browse Jazzmovil 5 + 500 MB and 128 Kbps by 5.56 Euro + 5 euro for the minimum consumption.