Jazztel Strengthens The Voice Lower Consumption Rates and Will Increase Twice as MB for 6 Euros

Without making any noise, a few days ago that Jazztel mobile added new Web rates to talk to reinforce where the more MVNOs can compete to have been limited the maximum consumption to 30 euros at the rate Yoigo Infinita.

The new option of Jazztel includes 100 minutes to speak to any destination at any time and without pay call set-up by 9.95 EUR a month. Price to which you can add 500 MB to maximum speed and the other at 64 Kbps for 6 euros more per month at the rate Calls and browse 100.

A rate similar to that other MVNOs that have a fixed broadband operator and They subsidize mobile already offer to almost everyone as you can be seen if we compare them: the cheapest (and least MB) Ono, more minutes (and less MB) Euskaltel or more minutes and SMS included in mobilR.

Call and surf 1 GB for 6 euros more per month

Jazztel already offers four rates to speak and surf (5 Jazzmovil and three rates flat) and all include 500 MB to browse at maximum speed While excess slows but does not charge additional MB.

  • Calls and browse Jazzmovil 5 + 500 MB and 64 Kbps for 6.95 euros (over 5 euros minimum consumption).
  • Calls and browse from 100 minutes + 500 MB and 64 Kbps for 15.95 EUR.
  • Calls and browse from 300 minutes + 500 MB and 64 Kbps for 26.95 euros.
  • Calls and browse from 600 minutes + 500 MB and 64 Kbps for 36.95 EUR.

Another of the improvements incorporated recently is that you will allow to choose the same four rates with the MB twice for 6 euros more per month. In total 1 GB After which, you would slow down to 64 Kbps.

All rates, maintain the 20% discount if you do not want mobile subsidized. A discount that is very far from the unbeatable (for now) 50% off ONO mobile rates.