Jazztel Will Reimburse Up to a 50% Discount to All Customers by a Drop in Service

The mode of acting pepephone, among others, when it breaks down or fall of your service seems to be spreading to other operators. This time the mobile phone service of Jazztel, serving as an MVNO with Orange coverage, is that It has been a general breakdown on your network that indemnify all customers.

This past weekend the operator has been doing some updates at your service that it could have been the cause of a widespread fall that could have affected all users of Jazztel mobile.

In these cases What makes the law, and what until recently was common, it is that the user must be recompensado with a discount equivalent to the average consumption that makes each one in the period of time lasting failure in the service.

After what happened with Tuenti, which offset a similar fall with six euro balance/discount or Pepephone, Jazztel has also decided to throw overhand. The customers of voice they will have a 25% discount in his voice this month rate while the discount for customers with rates for voice and data will be of the 50%. None of them will have to request the discount as all be reflected in your next bill automatically.

In any of the previous cases compensation has been much higher than marked by law contrary to what happened months ago with the fall of Blackberry service for several days, where the large operators indemnizaron to the provisions. The differences are not only in the rates.