JetBlue Will Be The First Airline Which We Will Cease to Pay with Apple Pay Inside The Aircraft

Apple Pay was born to make the payment more comfortable, and that makes us think always in the most common cases that will not need that we draw Street portfolio. But what about those situations in which Apple Pay will have even added value? It is the case of airplanes, in which to pay anything from our seat always has been a nuisance. To fix it, JetBlue will begin to include Apple Pay on board its flights.

At the moment it will only work on the flights that depart from New York and land in San Francisco or Los Angeles, but it will save all passengers wanting a snack a half flight having to find his wallet and pay using cash or go through the long process of paying with card on a plane.

Not only benefits the customer, that will always have your iPhone at hand, but to shorten the payment process may serve more passengers in less time and therefore the passage of aircraft will be more free. The crew will collect all payments using a mini iPad fitted with a cover capable of reading the iPhone 6 NFC chips.

In addition, this mini iPad will also offer more advantages: the crew manual, normally a “billet” huge roles, eventually also digitized on the tablet in a way that will be available best any doubts that the flight crew may have in any event.

I always try to avoid buying food or drink on airplanes for its quality and price, but this will be fine for those cases in which there is no further remedy. Now see when it comes to the airlines (and banks) Spanish.