Lance MáSmovil Rate Professional with Unlimited Calls for 69 Euros a Month

Or Movistar, Vodafone, Orange or any other operator. Today is Másmovil dare to take the plunge and launches its first rate includes unlimited national calls.

Professional flat rate offers unlimited calls in addition to 500 mb navigation at maximum speed and 50 SMS for 96 euros though promotional way and by its launch its price will be of 69 euros per month until July 2012. In case of exceeding the traffic included this is paid to 0.03 euros per Mb and in the case of short messages to 0.08 euros each.

Másmovil makes it clear to not make room for doubts that free unlimited calls are subject to the “ use with common sense & #8221; for those who use this tariff on devices that are not phones, share it with other people or use it “ baby phone ” or walkie talky can be deleted see this advantage pay for each calls 0.08 euros per minute and 0.15 euros from accommodation price that will also be paid exceeded the 100 national destinations by billing cycle.

The tariff is intended for use by professionals and companies for their consumer profile but also this open recruitment for individuals who see it interesting. The rate only available for contract with portability with a maximum of two lines per DNI/NIF/CIF.

This the first tariff with unlimited calls cannot be our market since since makes not much Telecable also offers a similar rate, that includes 1 Gb and unlimited for 99 euros although in this case specifies that its use must be residential.

It remains to be seen now as it hosts the market rate that promises unlimited calling with standards of fair use after the recent experience with the application of these rules in Tuenti.