Leaked: Windows Phone 8.1 Brings New Look to the Home-Page

New pictures confirm that the awaited update to Windows Phone improves the look of the home page. View them here.

Windows Phone-phones have limited options when it comes to the adjustment of the Start, which is the home screen on the Microsoft mobile platform. At the time of writing can be, under theme options, choose from light and dark background, in addition to various colours that characterise the so-called “Live Tiles”.

So it is only on the lock screen, you have the option of placing the mandatory picture of the girlfriend, but it is soon to be thing of the past. Leaked images confirms that the Start page gets a massive boost with the update. It writes Windows blog Italia via phone Arena.

The images indicate that Microsoft apparently retains the current “background” which here is black. Instead, it is the animated “Live Tiles”, which gets a face lift. The old “Colors” are gone, and replaced with a personal background which undeniably gives the look a more personal touch.

Improvement or confusion?

There is no doubt that the adaptation for a personal background on the Start page, is a high desire among users, but how I wonder if it works in practice?

The user interface on Windows Phone is of course markedly different than the one we already find on iOS and Android mobiles. Firstly, as we flip down and since that Microsoft uses their “Tiles” to reflect the new backgrounds, then it must surely be an elongated picture up for grabs to use, especially if you have many items on the home page.

Had they instead chose, to let the black “background” replace with a personal image, so could the so called “Tiles” the glide past background as a sort of magnified app icons, without the need for a special scaled image.

We still expect only that the 8.1 update that goes under the name “Blue”, will be presented officially on Microsoft’s Developer Conference d. 2. April, so very can of course reach to change.

But what do Mobile Windows Phone users to the appearance of the page? Is it “Go” or “No Go”?