Limiting Minutes Per Week in Zero MÁSMOVIL Rate Is Indicative and Apply Common Sense

Maini Spenger, CEO and co-founder of MÁSMOVIL, He spent last week answering all your questions about the zero rate in our answers section. A rate that by the revolutionary conditions, focused around the Use common sense policy and which are extracted several clarifications intended to calm the concerns of the more reluctant to try.

The first and most important is that this is a rate no permanence so if you think that not fits your needs at any time, you can change your operator or give it low without any problems to be free from restraints of any kind.

Maini defines its “ policy of using common sense ” not as small print or that tries to scare, if not as another example of transparency facing rates of others that also apply rules of good use but that do not indicate them anywhere.

CEO defends that the indicated weekly up to six minutes on average per call is triple the national average so it fits more than 97% of users and which is set as measure to be able to keep the rate at all in the event that any line of that 3% ·restante could make unreasonable use.

MÁSMOVIL they have a strict control system to identify inadequate consumption but says that they will not be rigid in the application of rules Since the weekly maximum data are approximate and first and foremost apply the common sense before considering whether it is really fraudulent or abusive use. To get an idea, several examples of which indicates if proper use would be considered:

  • Two weekly calls for 10 minutes each.
  • Several weekly calls within the average (2 minutes) and any time up to 1 hour.

Manifest Maini looking for the better treatment of the customer and as collateral lines that could overcome the weekly average in an improper manner, they will be notified until applies rate base from 8 cents per minute to change the rate if you believe should.