Lipsticks:Learn How to Use the Different Textures

What woman doesn’t love having their lips stained? Sure there’s always a or some lipsticksin the pouch. In fact, this is one of the items of makeup used by all of us.

The lipsticks can m be liquid s , matte s , creamy s in addition to the diverse variety of colors, sizes, brands, that exist, that at some point we may ask ourselves:”What is the best color and texture for me? How and when should I use it?

The lipstick has the power to change the entire makeup and give a touch more.In a make for the day to day, depending on the texture, the lipstick can give a single brightness or leave you more attractive for the evening or a special occasion.

The use of different forms qu and that item “sweetie” there, there exist various textures that can change your look completely. What few women know how to do, is take full advantage of this and value so your lips even more.

Types of lipsticks:


It’s a lipstick lighter, softer, their colors are clear and usually has a low durability, so you need to pass several times a day, he has a quite considerable hydrating power and is typically used for everyday use because of your shine and softness, providing delicacy to her lips.


One of the major benefits that the(b)alm has are the high hydration levels that provide the lips, for those who like to leave visual simple, natural and chic.Theadvantage,in relation to the gloss, balmit’s not sticky.


The matte has been used a lot in makes a dry and opaque aspect, with a great durability, is indicated for women more discreet. It is also a good choice for the warmer weather. Legal advise is about the importance of always moisturize your lips, before using it, otherwise he will highlight the cracks as they lose the color.


The s sparkling lipsticks are an excellent choice for those who want to leave the lips bigger and seconded . He has enough brightness and that draws more attention. The tip is to pass it with more intensity in the center of the mouth, pulling the corners, this will increase your lips and let the most make attractive.


Have a great power of hydration as well, in addition to promoting and securing coverage, is agoodchoice for the winter.


The idea is to draw enough attention to metallized lips, he has light and dark colors, from silver to purple, often used to make an impact.

Lipstick 12:00 am

Usually come in two steps, the color will dry and then a brightness to moisturize. Are great for those who like to go out and do not want to touch up your lipstick. A good example of these is the Maybelline, click here to buy.

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