LlamaYa Launches Mobile Internet Prepaid and Modifies Their Voice Tariffs

LlamaYa, the OMV submarca of morminutes specialized in cheaper international calls, Debuts offer of Mobile Internet both to navigate from computer from mobile phones with different rates for each case found between than usual in this type of operators prepaid but that is far from the most attractive as mobile Tuenti.

As for calls, LlamaYa lowers the price to 7 cents per minute and maintains calls to 0 between customers (maximum 10 minutes per call) but upload the establishment to 20 cents, something too common among the MVNO with cheap international calls that are actually more expensive (and much) the national consumption.

For navigate from your phone, LlamaYa offers three possibilities if your fare by default of 6 cents/MB does not conform to your needs:

  • Daily rate is always limited to 128 Kbps speed and by 1 euro includes 30 MB/day and the excess is paid to 6 cents/MB.
  • Weekly rate of 6 euros, which includes 200 MB/week and excess to 6 cents/MB with speed reduced to 128 Kbps.
  • Monthly fee of 15 euros with 600 MB/month and 6 cents/MB excess with speed reduced to 128 Kbps.

In addition, the rates for mobile internet are compatible with the 50% extra to the recharge balance, which means that in practice they have a real cost of half.

For navigate from computer with USB modem rates available are:

  • Bonus day of 100 MB for 1 euro and the other 4 cents/MB.
  • Bonus month of 1 GB for 15 euros and the excess also at 4 cents/MB.

Rates to surf from computer are incompatible with the promotion of 50% of recharge free.