LlamaYa, LycaMobile and Lebara Renew Their Promotions

Few new features offer us this month in promotions is regards to virtual operators. Both LlamaYa and LycaMobile and Lebara they have decided to continue with promotions that it had on April 30 as the final date.

In the majority of cases these MVNOs, focused all in the segment of international calls offer advantages to their customers, as free balance with every recharge, internal calls or free data bonds In addition to continue offering calls to different countries from a penny the minute.

Lebara offers free calls among its clients without having to make any recharge not having to comply with any other condition. On this occasion the free calls are limited to 60 minutes per call and 3000 minutes per month. In addition also still offer a 50% extra balance in each recharge.

On the other hand LycaMobile It continues to offer 15 days of calls and free short messages among its faithful in Exchange for a recharge of any amount. In addition this OMV also offers 1000 mb of maximum free speed sailing call (321) customer service.

And finally LlamaYa continues to offer a 50% extra balance in all their charges in addition to free calls, but in this case these they will depend on the amount charged: a day with a maximum of 75 minutes free calls while those of 10 or 15 euros are entitled to one week with 400 minutes of limit and charging 20 euros or more offers a month with 1000 minutes maximum.

Promotions of all these virtual operators will be available until May 31.