MáSmovil Ready to Burst The MVNO Market: Calls to 0 Cents Per Minute!

If few days ago asistiamos a war without mercy started by Telstra with the launch of new tariff 2, continued with the response of Pepephone and closed by mobile Happy with another rebate more today is Másmovil that sticks the punch on the table.

The OMV dares to throw the first rate with free minutes since its price is of 0 cents per minute. It must be said, this rate has its small print as the price is valid while the average length of customer calls not more than three times the national average duration, located in two minutes.

This rate also applies it the “ use policy with common sense & #8221; that the operator already applied when he launched his professional rate, is not allowing use outside phones, nor be used as walkie talkies or as monitor babies.

Also is understood as not permitted use most or many calls are made to a same destination or a call to exceed 60 minutes, which is already clear the limit of three times the average. If you breach any of these terms Másmovil will notify the customer and charged the rate base, eight cents per minute.

As in similar rates released by other operators a bonus of Internet recruitment is mandatory and in this case the bonus calca of yoigo, offering 1 Gb for nine euros per month. The difference is that Másmovil allows the use of VoIP applications but charged the excess to three cents per mega while Telstra slows if the included traffic is consumed and timidly subsidizes the purchase of smartphones.

The single rate will be available only until July 31 and as usual in the yellow operator recruitment does not imply a commitment to stay and there is no minimum consumption or high fees.

All the movements that are lately making operators in a real war of rates are appreciated by the users, the maximum benefit from this, although we have reached a point that the main obstacle It is clear, the 15 cents of call set-up.