MeeGo Is Seen for The First Time and The News on Android 3.0, Best of The Week

I like it when almost all platforms have something to say, we are entering summer and it seems that currently does not stop, last week we were lucky to see for the first time that it will perhaps look MeeGo on mobile devices.

Following with Nokia, is giving around the net a prototype phone with QWERTY keyboard and similar suspect with the Nokia N8, indeed shares with the operating system Symbian ^ 3. In a second appearance saw him compared to other important phone numbers.

Android, the thing goes from releases and updates

Android 3.0 He is giving much to talk about, it gave the now famous Eldar Murtazin for release online a series of characteristics that would accompany GingerBread, some more credible than others. Google He did not hesitate to skip to step to dispel them.

Samsung does not want to continue earning a bad reputation with the theme of updates to their phones, so in the presenting of the Galaxy S family He made it clear that Android 2.2 would come before the end of the year.

Finally we have a last update of Froyo for Nexus One, and the arrival of a new firmware for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 which will bring important improvements, but that doesn’t say anything about Android 2.1. I forgot, Adobe Air can be seen on Android.

iPhone 4, are still problems?

Certainly for Apple thing is on a roll, with more than 1.7 million units sold in three days. Very interesting to see reports of iSuppli on the cost of components of the device, $190.

Following with the history of the various problems detected in the phone, Apple has had to report that some are real but not worrisome, and promises solutions. I recommend you take a look at the first short film made with iPhone 4.

The operators prepare the summer

Movistar and Orange presents its summer promotions, and telephone operator launches the BlackBerry Storm from 49 euros.

Vodafone publishes prices for the Samsung Wave and Joy, the first Android’s low-cost company. For past we share with you the sales rates for voice and data of Ono.

We analyze Navigon Android

Antonio Raya has prepared an extensive analysis with video of a Navigon GPS navigation software, I invite you to take a look.

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