MeeGo Will Be Available for Mobile Phones in a June 30 Draft

If a few days ago we saw the good state of form of MeeGo for tablets, we are looking forward to seeing that it paints such thing in mobile phones. Fortunately dates will be realized, since Valtteri Halla, Director of development of MeeGo by Nokia, announced June 30, they will have a preliminary version for phones list.

The version will be a pre-alpha which will give us an idea of what awaits us beyond the month of October, when the final version is available, and possibly some terminal is ready to go to market.

“It’s what we call Day One for the MeeGo handset release,” is explained. “The productized release of the software is still (set for release in) October of this year, but this is a kind of pre-alpha release.”

There is much more information on MeeGo, or possible terminals, well actually I lie, since the Nokia N900 will be the first device that can test about the new operating system in your circuit works. Currently available in the official repositories for Nokia N900, but does not have a user interface for what little interesting can interpret face to the end user.

We remind you that companies with operators such as Telefonica, hardware manufacturers such as ST-Ericsson or manufacturers such as Acer and Asus are going to support MeeGo.