Men’s Cardigan:Tips to Lnspire and Where to Find

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? ūüôā Tuesday and how about we continue with¬†Inspiration¬†in male fashion, huh? It’s a good, huh? haha a lot of people come asking me these past months about the¬†Cardigan Men, after all the winter came and the piece can be a great option to complete or be featured in Visual, eh? So let’s see several¬†Tips of Looks with Cardigan¬†for today here on the Blog? And AHHHH, some suggestions of shops to Find too, huh, how not haha GO \o

Men’s Cardigan, a play¬†very versatile¬†, can talk well¬†the more Formal the Causal¬†and goes well for several occasions, events, appointments, etc. With Military reference, an early 19TH century records with Count Cardigan (military of Wales), this Jacket not so heavy, open, with buttons (or not), became Joker in the closet of MANY men around the big world.
And here in Brazil is no different, because despite being a blouse, often for use in days not so cold, in a lighter, which is great for our Tropical country, right? hahaha
Open, Closed, with Shirt underneath, with a T-shirt underneath a jacket with Jeans, with Denim pants, with Tailoring trousers, with Tie, with Bermuda, with Tennis, with Boot, shoe, ugh, there are many possibilities for usability of Cardigan.

So I decided to separate the space of Today to update the Looks with¬†Cardigan Men¬†around here on the Blog and also the suggestions of shops to find good options of this piece. Let’s see it all in detail.

Men’s Cardigan Black goes with everything, right? No secret! haha

For a Casual doesn’t have much error, the Cardigan is always a good option, this Visual above, became a highlight for your material, for being longer and in combination with the other Neutral and smooth Parts

Men’s Cardigan with T-shirt, Jeans and Boots < 3

Same footprint, except with dark pants, in the same tonality, the Male Black Cardigan became complement, leaving the biggest highlight of the Look to Cap and to boot.

Men’s Cardigan with Jeans Shirt < 3 OH!

For a Visual footprint Street, Cardigan Men Stretched \o

For a cold day, he can be a great choice to wear underneath another jacket, to give aqueeeela heated!

I thought the visual above well, breathing mass Streetwear, the Cardigan Long Male gained attention in usability over hooded sweatshirt.

In more structured material, in modeling Oversized, Male hooded Cardigan and Jeans Torn made a good partnership in this deconstructed Look, huh?

The Cardigan can be part of the Formal look, in replacement of the Blazer, what about TIME? \o

Justin Bieber wearing a Cardigan.

In the photo above, I (Coriander), with a Male Long Cardigan of La Mafiain a production highlighting the shades of gray.

In addition to stop and panning in department stores (because you can always find good options for the play) as Renner, C & A, Riachuelo, Zara, Forever21, Luigi Bertolli, and Male Shops like TNG CottonOn, Colombo, among others, separated below some links I found to virtual stores that have National men’s Cardigan options, just click the name of the store , closed? See:

  • Renner:for those who’re looking for Male Elongated Cardigan, Renner is a great option, I found several models in this footprint there.
  • Dafiti:I found this most basic model, smooth, of Cardigan in Dafiti, with 4 different colors, it’s worth the visit!
  • Zatini:Zatini has some options of Cardigan, with an affordable price, has plain, striped, printed, anyway, take a look.
  • Reserves:mark has a few options of Male in your collection, Cardigans worth the visit!
  • The free market:a lot of people have one foot out the door with the Free Market, but if we look at the qualifications of the sellers, can make good purchases, separated this quest with some interesting options for men’s Cardigans.
  • Riachuelo:Yes, now the Riachuelo also has Virtual Store, tentatively will showing up on searches around. 3 models found of Cardigans, with a very nice price.
  • Catwalk:I found some different options here on the runway, especially in Knitting!
  • Youcom:the Youcom has 2 models of Elongated Cardigans with hood, for those who want to take a look, it’s worth the visit!

EAE team, enjoyed the inspirations with Cardigan. You guys into Cardigan pro day to day use. On what occasions?
Leave your opinions here in the comments and let’s change aqueeeeeela \o idea