Middelburg, Haarlem and Zutphen, Netherlands


100 monuments in the capital of Zeeland – Netherlands
Middelburg is a Dutch municipality and is located on the Walcheren peninsula. It is the capital of the province of Zeeland and is not far from the places Vlissingen, Oostkapelle, Westkapelle and Domburg. The city has a lot to offer and is a real tourist magnet. The locals also love to stroll in the old streets or in the large shopping center. A study trip to Middelburg is therefore ideal to brush up on your Dutch.


Vikings, Normans and international trade shaped the city. Middelburg has existed since the 9th century. Before that, Celts and Romans had settled in the region. In the local history museum “Zeeuws Museum”, visitors experience the development of the city and get to know the local charm.
One of the most photographed sights of the city is the Lange Jan, an accessible tower of the abbey.
The Stadhuis is enthroned as the symbol of Middelburg, so the town hall, above all other houses. It is located directly on the market square, where the weekly market and the annual fair take place. The town hall is built in a special way. The Gothic elements are unmistakable and make the building so extraordinary.

Image: Middelburg Zeeland Netherlands

An equally imposing building is the Oostkerk : the Protestant church is one of the most popular sights due to its wonderful dome.
For the younger visitors there is an amusement park, the Mini Mundi. This amusement park reflects the country and shows the typical Dutch culture in miniature models, rides and indoor playgrounds.

Shopping in Middelburg

During the Christmas season and on the weekends, the whole country seems to be on its feet. The locals prefer to go shopping in Middelburg. Because the large selection of shops offers something for everyone. In the shopping streets and in the Middelburg Mall you will find local specialist shops and well-known fashion chains.
Middelburg is therefore suitable for different types of trips to get to know the country and the people better.


If you are traveling in the north-west of the Netherlands, you cannot avoid the city of Haarlem. After all, the city of 160,000, only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam, has numerous sights to offer. In addition to the traditional canals, windmills and numerous cozy caf├ęs, Haarlem also offers some historical sites.

A discovery in itself – the old town of Haarlem

The historic center of Haarlem and at the same time the flagship of the city on the Spaarne river is the Grote Markt, which is also known far beyond the Dutch borders. The market, where concerts and events take place and where everyday life in the city takes place, is considered to be one of the most beautiful squares in the entire country. The huge St. Bavo Church is located directly on the market. The impressive 16th century Gothic church is a breathtaking sight both inside and out. The 76 meter high tower of the cathedral also offers a fascinating view of the whole city.


The old town is characterized by many narrow streets with small shops, restaurants and bars. Stroll through the “Gouden Straatjes” around the market square. In addition, Haarlem has the oldest museum in the country, the Teylers Museum. The Museum of Natural and Technical History includes the largest electrostatic generator of the 18th century and more than 10,000 paintings. The Art Nouveau train station is also worth a visit.

If you just want to relax, Haarlem is also the place for you. After all, the distance from the city center to the Dutch North Sea coast with its long beaches is only five kilometers. Water sports enthusiasts and bathing holidaymakers from all over the world get their money’s worth here.


Zutphen is a city and municipality in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. The small town with just under 48,000 inhabitants is located about 30 kilometers northeast of Arnhem on the eastern bank of the IJssel. The old city center almost completely survived World War II, although some parts of the city were lost, particularly the area around the train station to the north of the center known as Nieuwstad. In the city center of Zutphen there are many monumental buildings from the 14th and 15th centuries, some of them even from the 13th century, such as an old people’s home. Remains of the old city wall can also be seen in several places.

Zutphen, founded by the Franks in Roman times, has been inhabited for around 1700 years. The small town, which is also a Hanseatic city, is one of the oldest regions in Holland. It developed into a settlement early on, also due to its convenient location at the mouth of the Rhine. Even today it has numerous historical and cultural highlights to offer visitors. With over 450 national monuments, Zutphen is a unique and remarkable city in the Netherlands.

Vacationers can enjoy the flair of this old Hanseatic city on a boat tour along the beautiful Berkel River. During a walk through the center you cross pretty shopping streets, discover beautiful inner courtyards and see centuries-old fortifications. Amid all this medieval beauty, this modern city is full of attractions and a wide variety of shops. Zutphen also has various great hotels and numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. In summer, the terraces in the city center and along the water invite you to linger.

East of Zutphen, the green village of Warnsveld not only has a pretty village center, but is also located on the edge of beautiful nature reserves. Castles, estates and lush forests are just around the corner. What could be nicer than combining a visit to Zutphen with a bike tour through a breathtaking landscape?

Zutphen, Netherlands