Motorola Milestone Has Froyo More Closely, with Some Gaps?

A couple of days ago we announced the final intention of Motorola update to Froyo its Motorola Droid, and we stayed with the doubt that would happen with its European version, the Motorola Milestone, It seems that the doubts start to clear.

Through the twitter of the operator O2 in Germany We learned that the long-awaited update would come to their terminals to middle or end of September. It seems easier to make the same happen with terminals that we have in our country, free and by the operator Orange.

With the HTC Desire free updating these days, and with a waiting time of approximately in a month for the operators. We also have the promise of Samsung in updating the Galaxy S in September, it seems that Froyo will be more important than we thought in the beginning.

Motorola Droid, cannot create a wireless access point

From Phone Scoop we inform you that the update to Froyo for the Droid/Milestone will be without two of the most important possibilities for Android 2.2, tethering and the possibility of creating a WiFi access point for multiple devices.

While tethering is due to lack of an application in the update, the case of the wireless access point will not be possible in the future, since according to Motorola Verizon, the phone operator does not have the necessary hardware to serve this possibility.