MWC Analysis: Budget Bloodbath in Mobile the Year 2014

Shrove barrel at MWC abounds with price reasonable smartphones, tailor-made to hit the bottom out of the market.

The star at this year’s Mobile World Congres was no doubt Samsung’s new flagship-interesting it was, however, to note that Samsung’s booth at MWC were clinically purged of Samsung’s, otherwise diverse, crowd of budget-friendly products. Looking away from Samsung’s high-tech juggernaut able, there lurked a crowd friendly challengers-not to the flagship, but for anything less.

No more compromises

The first salvo in the budget war was fired as far back as November 2013 in terms of Motorola’s Moto G. For only twelve hundred dollars, you could now acquire a her built mobile phone without weaknesses. The success was palpable, Motorola’s price Basque Street to the top of the giant Amazon’s sales chart and has not moved since. Moto G took just never the way to Denmark.

What in Moto G seemed like a simple flurry, should, in the course of the MWC 2014, prove to be a deluge. At first the keynote on Monday morning announced Nokia’s Director Steven Elop, the whole market was to move down – and introduced the affordable and veldrejede Nokia X-all at a price less than a thousand euros.

Since then, ZTE, ZTE and Alcatel, ASUS, Asus all expressed that would advance into the Danish market, while established players such as Sony, LG and Huawei are each presented strong feature for budget class.

Quality for budget class

Cheap phones are otherwise no news – but the experience has so far been marked by compromises. Lethargic response, small, pixelated screens and questionable build quality characterize user experiences, when price sign reminder during the two thousand crowns.

Challengers were many, but the most notable were, for example, Alcatel’s ambition to deliver 4 g-telephony for under 1000 dollars, Asus slapped in return on performance, where their Zenfone on 5 inch will deliver power in Samsung Galaxy S4 class for about 1200 dollars and Sony’s new Xperia M1 in fit and finish is hard to distinguish from the 3 times more expensive Z-series. And all of this is on its way to the Danish latitudes.

Common for the devices is that the build quality is in order, the user interface veltænkt and mature and that there rarely is due in games and browsing the Web.

Budget priskrigen is now a reality.

Topmobilers extinction?

Hereby it may seem increasingly difficult for topmobiler for two, three and four times the price to justify their existence. But there will always be high-end features, which right now is 4 k recording, fingerprint readers and top performance in 3D games, such as the flagships can assert itself by. The question is whether consumers will allow themselves to be convinced by them, or whether they will perceive them as too niche embossed.

Another way topmobilerne suitor to consumers ‘ favor is by offering unique accessories, which can only be paired together the top models, as Sony’s noise-canceling headphones or first generation of Galaxy Gear. Again here are the niche applications that must save the top models.

The established producers are faced with a major challenge, therefore when in 2014 must convince the general public that they can more than cover the niche needs. Therefore will be particularly exciting year 2014 mobile – and failed, so will be a singularly difficult year 2014 for the middle and upper classes.