Namibia Travel Package

In Namibia, nature alternates between huge red dunes, dramatic lunar landscapes and a sparkling blue coast. Here it is possible to meet the legendary Himba and Herero people. Visit the Etosha National Park, one of the world’s largest national parks. Here live over 114 different kinds of mammals, more than 300 species of birds, lots of reptile species and a species of fish. The feeling of looking up at the starry sky one night in the Namib desert with the knowledge that the nearest neighbor is tens of miles away remains for the rest of his life.



The sand dunes in and around Sossusvlei reach a full 300 m, and thus belong to the world’s highest dunes. The color scheme covers all shades of pink, yellow, orange and red and is a spectacular contrast to the blue sky. Transport in a 4 × 4 jeep can be arranged for those who do not want to defy sand and heat on foot. Get up early in the morning to get the most spectacular pictures as the sun colors the dunes in endless shades of red and black.

Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast stretches from the Kunene River to the Ugab River and is one of the most inaccessible areas in Namibia, characterized by dunes and mountain ranges. The park is named after the wrecks of ships that have sunk along this coast and which in some places can be seen sticking out of the sand. The landscape is barren and seemingly deserted, with beaches, high dunes, salt lakes, gravel plains, river beds and the delta.

Serra Cafema

Serra Cafema Camp is one of the most remote campsites in southern Africa and offers a unique experience in Namibia. Serra Cafema shares the area with, in every sense, the colorful Himba people, one of the last truly nomadic ethnic groups in Africa. The Kunene River is the only permanent water source in this part of the country and creates a green oasis surrounded by rugged mountains and dunes.

Etosha National Park

One of southern Africa’s most important game reserves. The park consists mostly of a so-called. mineral pan and is part of the Kalahari basin. Nowadays there is very rarely water in Etosha and most of the rain that falls disappears very quickly into the desert sand. Visitors to Etosha can count on seeing many different kinds of bucks, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and lions. With some luck, there is also a chance to see leopard and cheetah.


Short for NA by abbreviationfinder, Namibia is almost twice the size of Sweden. The narrow Namib desert stretches along the Atlantic coast to the west. Inside rises a high plateau, which in the east slopes down to the Kalahari Desert. One third of the land area consists of desert. In the north, plains with dense shrub vegetation dominate.


According to countryaah, the climate in Namibia is very dry. The rain that occurs falls mainly during the summer, November – April. It is predominantly hot in winter and hot in summer. At the coast, temperatures are kept down by the cold Benguela current.


Swedish citizens can stay in the country for 3 months without a visa. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months when returning home, with at least 2 free pages. The traveler may need to present a return ticket / ticket to another country


Namibian Dollar NAD

100NAD = 60SEK


English is the official language, others are oshivambo, nama / damara, afrikaans, kavango and otjiherero.


Mandatory – The yellow fever vaccination is required if you arrive from certain countries in Africa or South America.

Recommended – Malaria prophylaxis. Check with your vaccination center for personal needs.

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