New Leader MÁSMOVIL Rate: Spoken by 2.7 Cents Per Minute and Browse from 2 Euros Per Month

MÁSMOVIL presents the leader rate in collaboration with Engadget that thins the current prices of the OMV and even more flexible options to set a tariff to suit you which can adjust better to your needs at all times eliminating the need to hire big bonuses of data that are not used.

MÁSMOVIL leader lets talk by 2.7 cents per minute (more call set-up 15 cents) and reduces the cost of the messages to a new low in Spain which puts them in 7 cents/SMS without any minimum consumption of voice associated with the need to hire any of the bonds of data that have also been reduced for the occasion.

These bonds allow navigate without limit VoIP and tethering from 2 euros per month that you will get a bonus of 150 MB/month and if you need more traffic also you can hire the rest of available bonds at a price of 4 euros for 300 MB, 7 euro for 500 MB or 13.50 euros per 1 GB. In any case, if you exceed the traffic included in tariff, applies a price 3 cents/MB but not reducing speed.

Available in form of contract and to enjoy automatic recharge forever but only available only until the 15th of March If you are already customer of MÁSMOVIL as if you want to change yourself through portability or try a new number.