New Report Liability for Suppliers of Apple: 40% More Audits Than in The Previous Year

Apple has updated once again its responsibility of suppliers website (is the ninth time already to the rhythm of a big update for the year), putting us on the day of one of the issues that more controversy brings: the conditions that responsible for making all of its products are.

The renewed section brings the facts of what Apple has done to improve these conditions: the company has made 633 audits in 19 countries (40% more than in 2013), which have covered more than 1.6 million workers and the conditions that they work on a daily basis. This time an important goal has been fulfilled since “recruitment rates” are eradicated with which third parties disturbing to those who sought help to go to work in the factories of the suppliers of Apple.

There were who kidnapped the workers passport if they failed to pay a ‘rate’ by going to the factories of Apple

They used to be abusive rates, and those responsible for collecting them played dirty and they arrived even kidnap the Passport workers until they failed to pay. From now on, if someone is doing that, you will have to return all the money to the worker.

Conflicts with mining, which we discussed at the end of last year, have also been reduced. At the moment there are already 135 foundries that have agreed to eliminate any internal conflict, and 64 more foundries are being checked to get the same.

The overall results continue to rise: 92% of the workers comply with the requirement to make a journey that goes from the 60 hours a week, not reaching a general mean of less than 49 hours per week. 94% of workers, in addition, rest one day per month. Anyway still having problems to solve, since 16 cases of work have been discovered with minors which have been cut from root safe and healthy forcing the company responsible to cover the costs of the return of the child to its point of origin.

If you have time to read the full report, here you have it divided into sections. As always, we say, There is still work to be done but no one can deny that Apple strives to get it.