New Videos on HTC Desire: Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense and Videos Recorded at 720 P

Not a good filtration who likes to start well the week? Surely no one says no to a good “FroYo” on these dates we are and more if it is the first time that we know of its existence. On this occasion have been leaked a few videos of the long-awaited update Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense adapted to the popular HTC Desire, Although supposedly images are of a previous version of testing.

In the video we can see all the Sense interface updates, as well as a couple of videos at 720 p, function that will supposedly be available on HTC Desire with this update. Of course, as it is usual in these types of leaks as relevant, these videos (which seem real) are of completely dubious veracity, But how and what? Dreaming is free, or so they say. See them.

Here is the video where they are reviewed the most striking features froyo with HTC Sense:

As you can see, and according to several other sources, updating new inclusions are: Froyo FRF 85b, new kernel and new radio, video recording in HD 720 p, application WiFi HotSpot (the famous Tethering of Froyo), New Widgets, application to use the most important features in the car, application plurk (a Twitter competitor) and a flashlight application.

Here is the video where the quality offered by recording at 720 p:

And here you can see the quality of audio recording offering to record a video:

The videos have been created by a Swiss named XDA Developers Forum user udK. This user, in addition to the videos, leaked some images of the ROM. Still, watching the video main you already have more than enough, already showing virtually everything that appears in the images. Anyway, you can enjoy them in the thread where published.

Have little more to say regarding what is taught, and more taking into account that It’s preliminary and no real validity, Although it is true that “when the river sounds, water bears”.

Probably in a few weeks (or even days) we have good news for all users of the HTC Desire, Since, as we know at present, Froyo not should take already long to appear.