Nokia Camera Extension, Developments in Camera Phones Lumia

Nokia wants to continue to have value added to your Windows Phone proposal, and in this case the work comes from camera phones Lumia. Expect interesting improvements in software, which you can anticipate in a video that has been leaked over the weekend.

We don’t have clear of how arrive developments to integrate into the system, as is now included within an application known as Nokia Camera Extension. I list new:

  • a burst mode that can take up to eight images successively.
  • Timer of for outlets.
  • Mode Panorama from up to five photographs, you can see it in operation in the following video:

We leave to the end the most striking way, dubbed Smart Group Shot. With him are generated up to five different images of a scene, in which the faces are identified and it allows us to generate a final image with the most appropriate face participants.

The system I sound if you have followed news of 10 BlackBerry and the system here by Scalado. We are going to see it in video: