Nokia Confirms That The Creation of Points WiFi Will Come to All The Lumia

Ending last week we informed you that the small of the Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 610, It would have the ability to create WiFi hotspots, while the 800 Lumia as the 710 can not currently share your 3 G connection.

We knew that something is in which we are working, but we like it that we confirm it officially. Nokia has reported that in a future update will come the possibility, so it tells in a FAQ on the Nokia Lumia 900.

The translation of the question that informs us of the future possibility:

Q: when is the Tethering on Lumia devices available?
R: Soon in the 800 and 710 Lumia through a Zune update to the 610 and 900 are available since its release for sale.

We appreciate that Nokia is showing quite communicative and willing to update and improve its Lumia, especially on issues such as the autonomy of battery, unfortunately that “soon” does not leave things very clear.