Nokia Could Be Finalizing Two New Phones with MeeGo

Nokia you could be working in the manufacture of two new mobile terminals economical range equipped with the MeeGo platform as part of the project Next Billion Group. The Mission of this group is the provide Internet access to the third world countries that do not have the means.

Currently, only the Nokia N9 mounted operating system developed in collaboration with Intel. However, their high end phone status makes it a device outside the objectives of the Next Billion Group. Not so the MeeGo operating system, a open source platform, away from economic little royalties in respect of licenses to pay for Windows Phone and a Symbian controlled by Accenture.

The own Sebastian Nyström, new head of the multinational Finnish MeeGo development area, was commissioned to announce earlier this month of March, the emergence of a new smartphone that would replace the current N9 before end of the year. Could his foray into the market of economical range lead the final push for the expansion of MeeGo?