Nokia Lumia 610 Can Create a WiFi, While His Brothers Are Waiting

Glancing at the smallest of the Windows Phones specifications sheet of Nokia, the 610 Lumia, find one of their skills the of create a WiFi point through its 3 G connection.

With the possibility of sharing the connection with up to five devices. We like the idea of relatively affordable Terminal to depart with these features, especially if older siblings do not have it.

Create WiFi hotspots is a possibility that came with Mango to Windows Phone, but not the Lumia 710 or 800, better specs and more expensive phones, were released with this. For that walk wondering what, Nokia Lumia 900 counts with the possibility of sharing data connection.

We remind you that the Nokia 610 Lumia appears on the market with the latest version of Windows Phone, designed for phones with less demanding specifications, known as Tango. We assume that in a next update of software, all of the Lumias can create WiFi hotspots with your 3 G connection.