Nokia Lumia 900, a Blow of Hammer

From time to time I like to see curious videos of this type, which without being a novelty in these wild tests on the construction of terminals that like to see how they behave. The victim in this case, the imminent Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900. The goal, nail a few nails with it or on it.

Having a Nokia Lumia 800 or a Nokia N9 will have seen first-hand how the construction Polycarbonate unibody combined with the Gorilla glass screen, as well as being a very successful combination of face to the eyes, it offers a surprising behaviour for accidental falls.

Nothing of chips in the paint, being an unpainted shell as in the majority of handsets on the market, but that coming the color in mass as much as we will see the bumps and scratches in the same color, therefore minimizing them. And the Gorilla glass are not going to comment on anything you don’t know or that the video leaves no clear. In the absence of hammers, good are Lumias.