Now You Can Use Mobilepay in Super Market

Mobilepay copes with the shopping cart. Retail giant Danish supermarket rolls now app out which payment solution.

Before the end of the year, you can pay for your vegetables, meat and soda with Mobilepay-if you buy into a Danish Super market of 600 stores.

Thus reminder app it further cements that Danes’ Mobilepay preferred mobile access payment instrument.
The app is now to be found on two million Danes mobile phones, and it is tomorrow’s solution explains Danish supermarket Director of e-commerce, Kenneth Nielsen, to our site: “We think this is going to be the future of mobile payment solution for large chain stores throughout the Danish retail trade. It’s a very customer-friendly and intuitive solution, where you get the amount right up on the mobile screen and approve payment by swipe. “

Can be used from today

You will find yourself near Føtex in StorCenter Nord in Aarhus, you can already test the solution today. The shopping cart can now be handled by a single flick inside Mobilepay-app.
There are deployed the first Mobilepay – check-out for location near Danish Super market IT Department must ensure good support and provide strategic benefits.

Danish supermarket have already given customers the option to pay with the app in the chain Starbucks coffee bars in Bilka and Salling.

In the long term, betalingsapp’en could be used in Danish super market chains such as Føtex, Bilka and Netto, Salling. Here reckon Kenneth Nielsen with the phones will account for one out of twenty payments before next summer:

We have over 200 million payments per year in Denmark. It would not surprise me if five percent of them come from mobile phones for summer next year,“says Kenneth N to URBø

Mobilepay forces thus his position in the battle for mobile payments, where the Danes Swipp has challenged by allowing higher thresholds.