OAXIS Cover Adds E-Ink Display for All Smartphones

With a OAXIS cover all phones can be transformed into a YotaPhone-therefore include an additional e-ink screen on the back.

The company may with their latest smartphone cover OAXIS transform any phone into a YotaPhone, so equip it with an extra e-ink screen that can be used to read books, view photos and etc. The phone sends the data via bluetooth to the screen and special about it is that it fits all informs OAXIS phones. Their previous product only fit for iPhone, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2.
At this time we do not know the magic that makes it possible to support all smartphones.

A number of specialized applications used to send content to the screen, EpiReader can be used to read books or “inscribe” a quote, InkCase decorating the screen with a picture and InkCase Sports converts the screen to a sports hours which can keep track of the time and other statistics during training. In addition, a release OAXIS SDK (Software Development Kit) so that developers can invent new functionality.

Unfortunately, even an e-ink screen requires a battery even though it does not swallow so much power, OAXIS cover therefore has a built-in battery which adds something to the thickness, but how much and how annoying it is, we have to wait to assess.

Further details are not known at this time, but the older model to an iPhone 5 will cost 149 dollars (approximately 800.0-dollars) so the new model coming enough to cost a splash more. Pictures of the new model has not been released, but the attached photos of the former model gives a pretty good idea of what to expect.