ONO Revitalizes Its Service of Mobile Telephony with a 50% Discount to Give Up Subsidies

ONO today gives a sample inedulible that not only wants to win customers by throwing offerings of broadband fixed, since It has taken a step forward revitalizing its mobile phone service, which acts as a virtual network operator under the umbrella of Movistar.

To jump to the first line ONO has committed a small reform in their flat rates, adding 100 Mb to your rate more cheap, but above all offers the biggest discount ever seen by renouncing the grant of terminals, 50% to be more specific.

Flat rates for ONO offer is summed up in the following tabla:aparte of the minutes in calls mentioned in the table, all rates include 500 minutes to call landlines and mobiles ONO and another 500 for call to mobile operator from the landline of the same customer.

In all cases the SMS are not included and are priced at 15 cents. In addition, in all the rates If it exceeds the traffic included the speed is reduced to 64 kbps, not having the customer pay for it.

Certainly the biggest surprise has been the improvement of the 100 flat rate, that previously only had included calls. Offer 100 minutes and 100 Mb for 4.95 euros a month, or twice for 9,95 euros, leave in a very bad position the Vodafone @XS and Megaplana 20 of Yoigo, offering both 150 minutes and 150 Mb for 20 euros a month.

The only negative aspects that can be found at these rates, which are not few or little serious, that the service only can be accessed by customers from fixed ONO In addition to the 12 months of compulsory permanence, apart from the 9.90 euros of shipping of the SIM, a lesser evil.